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The Top Cell Phones of Past Years: 2

It probably comes as absolutely no surprise that the iPhone ranks up there as number one on most lists. That is pretty much a given, and I will grant you that most of the people I know who have iPhones are absolutely in love with them. Still, in this case, you have to wonder if [...]

Google Earth Version 2.0: It’s Here For iPhone!

When you are dealing with the iPhone, I can tell you that the possibilities for this phone are endless.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, all you ever need is the iPhone.  Now – finally, iPhone has a new app and it is Google Earth Version 2.0.  This version of Google [...]

HypnosEye iPhone Projector … Another iPhone Gadget!

When you think about it, I think that the iPhone is actually taking over the world.  Not only are there tons of applications for the phone but they also are coming out with so many things that you can actually DO with the iPhone.  To me – that is pretty cool, but how can any [...]

BlackBerry Storm 2 Set to Challenge the iPhone

Who in the world would be brave enough to take on — and try to take down — the widely popular, ruler of the mobile world, the Apple iPhone? Rhythm in Motion, apparently. The company, which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, recently revealed the BlackBerry Storm 2, which is a new version of the Storm [...]

The XSKN iKeyboard For iPhone!

Now I know we have done a lot of different accessories for phones in this blog – but I have to say that there is absolutely no better phone that has more accessories than the iPhone.  For example, the company XSKN actually came out with an iKeyboard for the iPhone.  This is one keyboard that [...]

iPhone Hoodie: The Best Phone Carrier!

If there is one thing that every single iPhone user needs, it has got to be an iPhone hoodie.  Although there are a ton of different cell phone accessories out there, especially for the iPhone, I think that this particular iPhone holder has got to be the coolest.  In this world, in this generation, hoodies [...]

Facebook For The iPhone: Finally!

In this day and age, the iPhone is by far the most technology advanced cell phone on the market today.  Whether you are looking to check your e-mail or you want to log onto the internet, the iPhone can help you out.  Finally though, the iPhone has gotten with the picture and they will be [...]

iPhone 3GS and 3G from AT&T to help drivers with navigation service with turn-by-turn software

The official iPhone carrier in the United States, AT&T, is releasing the official turn-by-turn GPS software with the Apple iPhone 3GS and 3G to help find their way turn-by-turn. They are giving away the software for free but it comes with a monthly service fee of $9.99 per month. The cost is expected to cover [...]

45 Security Issues Fixed for iPhones

iPhone users, rejoice. Apple has officially released the long awaited and much sought after iPhone OS 3.0 software package. Some reports say the software will update forty five software patches; others say the number is more like forty six. At any rate, many security vulnerabilities can be fixed with the package. This will work for [...]

Belkin: Check This iPhone Accessory Out!

For those of you that own an iPhone, this is the latest and greatest news for you!  This is actually an accessory for your phone, it is the very first and it is by Blkin.  This is the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter.  This phone is actually able to pull GPS data from the [...]